Score another hit for The Bunker

Yeah, I know, not exactly Nabokov with the word play there, but its been a good day at Sight Unseen Pictures, and here’s why.

Got an e-mail a couple hours ago. Today was the official launch for the Bunker official score CD. Now, keep in mind, the movie isn’t even out, and my composer, Robert Feigenblatt, has already nailed a CD deal, and to promote the release of two other recently-announced titles (the director’s cut of Albert Pyun’s 1989 sci-fi thriller CYBORG and The Cry—another horror effort you may want to check out), they’re using an indie that nobody can get their hands on until the Fall. How crazy is that?

Well, apparently, not so crazy. The film is generating some heat, despite being unreleased. I recently took home the Achievement in Cinema award at the Gasparilla International Film Fest. The movie was recently spotlighted by the Tampa Film Examiner’s Joe Belcastro. Commodity Films is working out the details for a Tampa theatrical screening later this summer. We just confirmed that a second recording artist from my favorite label, Metropolis Records, will be supplying a song for the film.

In short—amazing things’ve been happening since early February, when I flew out to California and reshot footage for the new wraparound with Charles and Adam, Ms. Veronique, Jim Powers and good friend Eric Valdes.

Now, today, I find out that not only is The Bunker score going to be available direct from Howlin’ Wolf Records, but through Screen Archives Entertainment, as well. But, that wasn’t all. Not only is Screen Archives getting in on the action, but Intrada and Tarantula Records (both of whom carry a very fun mix of eclectic stuff) will also be carrying the disc.

Howlin Wolf Records, the Bunker

And, the disc only went live for ordering about 22 hours ago… Less than 1 full day has passed, and The Bunker CD orders are high, attracting other companies to want to handle it as well.

It was a hard decision to make, when I first learned about original composer Gary Finneran’s death, to have the film rescored. But, when we couldn’t find any confirmation copyright had been filed on the music, and didn’t know who Gary’s heirs were or if he’d left a will…? Well, that’s how you do it sometimes. You make a tough call and hope it works out. Choosing Robert wasn’t the tough part—as they say in the NBA this guy has mad skills. Today? Confirmation of that’s been coming in from all quadrants of the film music world. Can’t wait to get our copies, which should be arriving sometime next week. Until then? Well, now you know what the score is.

And may Nabokov stop spinning in his grave…
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