Pray for what…?

When I handed my debut feature, The Bunker, over to a sales rep for the foreign market, I liked the deal that was offered. My friend Brian Pulido (he of Evil Ernie fame) had good things to say about the folks at TomCat Films, LLC, and I have to say, after meeting with over 50 such companies at the American Film Market in November, their terms were quite appealing. Good terms, an established track record, the word of someone I trust…what more did I need?

Nothing. I signed on the dotted line. And yes, I was well aware there was a good chance things would change, seeing as the marketing would be in someone else’s hands. The poster design. The box art. The film trailer. Even the title. Okay, I might be a megalomaniac, but these guys are pros. They’ve done this with hundreds of other films—essentially, other filmmakers’ babies. I’d dealt with enough bozos who didn’t know a thing about getting a film done and sold while working on it, so I did what was necessary. I stepped back. I let go.

And…things’re going well. Remarkably well, in fact. So, the band TomCat picked for the trailer is different. Oh well. So, the poster art was redone. Ehhh, all right. So, the title was changed.

Well, that was certainly an interesting surprise. But really, what can you do? Ted over at TomCat knows my work from back in the comic days, we’ve had some great conversations on the phone since hooking up, and he made it clear from the get-go that he was going to capitalize on my name and history in the comics field to make my movie sell. He’s doing just that.

Would I have ever picked this one, in particular? Probably not. Never occurred to me when I first found out the film would be retitled for foreign sales. I must have thought up a hundred possible options, and frankly, this wasn’t one of them. I got a good laugh when I finally found out what the new title would be, though, and heard the new trailer voiceover. Reminded me of the old days, when I was breaking down doors that no one would open when I knocked on them. A little bit like it is now, trying to muscle my way into the business as the world’s only blind film director.

Film fan? Head on over to the site, take a look at our listing, throw a LIKE our way if you’re so inclined. If you’re a foreign distributor looking for a truly groundbreaking, one-of-its-kind movie to break in Europe or South America or Asia? Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) says this film has the single greatest marketing hook he’s ever seen. I know what I needed to see in order to sign on with TomCat—what more do you need to take a closer look?

Almost 20 years now, and still, that first run of comics is something folks remember. Hope two decades down the road, The Bunker will be, too.

Uh, I mean Pray for Dawn. 😉
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