Party Time

Well, Friday night it will be, and as usual, Pam and I are in the usual spot—rushing around to get everything done. We’ve had the bi-monthly party a couple of times now, and it always seems both of us get slammed with work just when prep time for the gathering is critical. Tonight? No different. Billy and I ran out today and spent about a hundred bills on food, beer, sodas—everything needed to fill stomachs and quench thirst. Since Pam cooks for roughly the equivalent of a U.S. army battallion (no matter how many people are coming), that means a lot of food to cook.

Leaving little time to make sure the yard isn’t turning into some wildlife preserve with grass high enough to hide bobcats and wild boar. Since work, food prep and yard work were becoming immovable objects all on a collision course, yours truly volunteered for the lawn mowing chores.

According to Pam, it turned out pretty good. Couple spots along the fence are a little iffy, but cleaning up the few rough patches won’t take more than five minutes. Plenty of time to get that knocked out during the daytime before the guests start showing up.

Daytime??? You mean–?

Yep. What do I care about sunlight? Don’t have any nearby neighbors, no one to bitch about me mowing my yard at 10:30 at night. Well, no one but the wild hogs and bobcats. Luckily, they were busy in somebody else’s grass tonight…
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