Nothing gets in the way…

Sure, I could’ve titled the blog, Here Comes the Rain Again, or Like a Hurricane, or even, Blowin’ in the Wind, but I decided not to. Rock You Like a Hurricane is already getting played to death on local radio, so consider yourself lucky—I’m not adding to the problem.

I work out of South Florida. Tropical storms and hurricanes come with the territory. It’ll be a hassle if we need to resched the music video shoot planned for this week, but it won’t kill us. Sucks, but what can you do? Pretty much everyone here is in the same boat. Actors, my crew, everybody. This happened with The Bunker, not once, but twice. Bad weather ripped up our shooting schedule and tossed it, quite literally, into the wind. Not only that, but an equally brutal winter storm trashed a shoot up in New York/New Jersey, so for me, it’s nothing new.

It’s quarter of 7 and I’m running on about 5.5 hours sleep, which ain’t all bad, considering. Already sent out e-mails to start figuring out what kind of juggling will be necessary to work around everyone’s availability. We were shooting some stuff last week when one cameraman had to change dates, but we still got some good stuff for The Bunker documentary. Now the sets are being repurposed for something new, and between now and the maybe-landfall predicted for Thursday, I’ve got time to do some more building.

Let the rain, wind and splinters bring it on.
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If you’re into Farmville, I got a hurricane I can send you, starting later this week. 😛
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