My cell phone is dying…

Sure, with all the things I have to blog about—The Bunker screening at FrightNight Film Festival, our invite to two more fests this fall, the additional documentary footage we’re shooting over the next two weeks for the film’s bonus featurette, a music video we might recycle one of the rebuilt sets for…I’m talking about my cell phone?

Well, yes. Because I’ve had it forever, and I really don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing it. Yeah, it’s old. But it’s simple, and for me, it works. How old is it? Well, it has rotary dial, that should give you a pretty good idea.

Okay, so maybe not quite *that* old. It isn’t coated in amber or anything, and it did come with a built-in camera. Was always a bitch for Pam to load in the black and white film canister, but still…

You see where I’m coming from. And, it’s not that I’m too cheap to get a spiffy new model. Fact is, on the plan Pam and I have, I qualify for an upgrade to pretty much anything I want. A smartphone. Droid, whatever it is that Verizon offers, I’m long overdue for one.

But I don’t want that. All I want is a phone with 14 buttons. The numbers, pound and asterisk symbols, SEND and END. I’d be happy with that and that alone. Being blind, I don’t need to surf the web, watch movies, do e-mail, text…none of that. I don’t want to play Angry Birds, tend a virtual farm, or to video chat. I just want to make and receive phone calls. I did, after all, get a phone, right? I don’t need it to be my MP3 player and audio book reader. I have devices I bought specifically for those activities, and I got those things for a reason. It’s nice those are available in a phone, but if all I want’s a glorified piece of waxed string with two very long-range tin cups on the ends…why can’t I simply buy one?

Anyway, Pam says she found me one on eBay, same as the one I currently have, which is disintegrating piece by piece. According to eBay, the seller has great feedback and I should get this thing in a week or so.

Now, if only Pam would stop reminding me she found it in the Antiques & Collectibles section…
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