Like a rock

That’s kinda how everything in front of my house has felt lately. Because I’ve decided to get off my ass and rework the front landscaping some, and that means removing a lot of stones and river rock we laid down after first moving in. Basically, a lot of heavy lifting, sweaty manual labor, back strain, and borderline heat stroke.

Did I mention the heavy lifting?

Anyway, the goal is simple. There’s two spots in front of my house where I want to put in some hand made tree boxes, something like I did up in front of my house in New York after my parents had moved out when the tree out in front of our place had lifted up the sidewalk to the point it just couldn’t be ignored any more. What I did up north was turn the tree into a 25 foot tall bonsai, by building what looked like a wooden planter around the base, forcing the roots deeper, relevelling the sidewalk, and then dropping in several hundred pounds of white stone to make it look pretty. The stones not only gave it a finished look, but kept those damned roots down, too.

What I’m going to try and do now is build similar looking tree planters, then find something nice to put in ‘em, to add some color t the front of the house. Based on the results I got up in New York (several neighbors asked how I did it—and one even asked who I’d hired to do it), I’m expecting at least halfway decent results.

Yeah, so what if I’m blind? Some color in front of the place oughta look nice. I’d love to do something with bamboo, and there’s a bamboo nursery about 45 minutes from here I may be payin’ a visit to if all goes well.

And, with the damned river rock gone from that four foot by two foot rectangle right by my door, now I won’t be twisting my ankle whenever the dog pulls me too far in one direction, or I’m rushing and the rock’s wet from the rain. More pics to come, but here’s one of me laying in some of the pavers to fill in the base for the spot where the first tree box is going.

On the creative front, haven’t been blogging as much because it’s been crazy-busy. Things are happening on the film front with The Bunker, the upcoming screening of the reworked Chance Meeting, my involvement in a South Florida convention, the upcoming release of my novel for Kindle and Nook, and a new film shoot. Updates on all that will be coming, probably pretty quick. Right now? Back to the screenwriting. I’ve got people who I’m trying to convince that paying me to write kooky stuff is a worthwhile investment.
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