Half alive but I feel mostly dead…

No exaggeration (though a hat tip to Jewel.) Got a head cold that I probably can’t entirely blame on Pam (although she did get it first), but she went out tonight with a friend and I’m here wondering if I should change my living will.

Anyway, while I endeavor to keep mucous from getting all over my space bar, here’s a quick update on what’s happening on this end.

My novel, Torn to Pieces, is being proofed by friends and fellow authors, as we ready it for release on Kindle, NOOK, and whatever other e-book options exist. Not being a Kindle or NOOK user myself, I’m sure there’s other means of getting e-books into the hands of readers, so feel free to clue the blind guy in on what’s available by dropping me an e-mail.

As well, we’re scheduling the photo shoot for the CHASERS upload (if you missed the chance to download it for free for Xmas, relax, it’ll only be .99 cents when we put it up again). That one generated some really nice responses, and to everyone who gave it a look-see and commented, you have my thanks.

Stuff Out’a My Head 2 is in the works, which I’m really jazzed about, because with the growing acceptance of e-books, now I don’t have to worry about the cost of printing if I want to make the thing 300 pages…or more. I guess once we format it, I’ll have a better idea, but I’m going to put in a lot more than I was able to with Stuff 1.

So, that’s it. Just a quickie report so loyalists don’t think I’ve abandoned the blog completely. Next update’ll likely concern the upcoming release of my debut feature film, The Bunker, and what international fests/markets it’ll be offered at. Yep, international film markets, The Bunker is headed overseas!

‘Til next time…

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Currently listening to: Immigrant Song, covered by Karen O feat. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, from Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (which I highly recommend.)
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