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That was the decision I made yesterday, because basically, it’s been so damned busy lately, my first decent chunk of free time was either going to be spent here at home catching up on non-work things, or going out fishing with Billy and Tom. As you can see by the pic, think I made the right decision.

That said, let me catch you loyalists up on what’s been happening. It’s virtually been non-stop lately. On The Bunker docu, on a voiceover project (mentioned on Twitter that I wound up working withformer Bullet Boys bassist Tommy Yates, now of the band PUSH, who recently toured with Gin Blossoms, Eve 6 and Tonic). They’re in the studio working on an album, and already have two new songs from the upcoming disc on the radio. Nice, huh?

As well, reconnected with, unquestionably, the single best editor I ever worked with. No exaggeration. Haven’t worked with this person in over two decades, but we’re going over the final draft of my soon-to-be released novel, Torn To Pieces, and I’m jazzed as hell about getting the chance to work together again. We’re both in Florida now, too, so that’s going to make this a lot easier. Updates forthcoming.

Might be copyrighting my first piece of music soon. Yeah, I know, how weird does that sound? 12 weeks of guitar playing (though a couple of pretty intense weeks there, to be sure) and I’m already writing music? Well, it’s nothing complicated, but several people have given it a listen and really like it. Brought in Billy Martindale to do the honors on both the Yamaha acoustic and my electric, recorded it, got it into Soundtrack Studio Pro, and messed with it a little. Now? Might add a little more to it, we were talking about that on the boat yesterday (heck, didn’t even realize I’d done some work out there…). Pretty soon? You’ll be able to hear it, promise.

The editing for the anthology ebook is still going, but really plodding through it now. With more pressing projects on the front burner, it’s been tough to find enough time to put into making the new books—two of them—ready for release. But I know folks want to read some new horror tales, so I am diligently plodding, to be sure.

Okay, that’s what’s up. Here’s hoping everyone else who desperately needed a break this week got out on the water with a rod and reel, good food and great friends. If not, that’s my recommendation for you guys this weekend, next week, whenever you can make it happen.

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Currently listening to: The Passenger by Iggy Pop. Not just because I like it, or because I’m getting the hang of playing it, but because thanks to busting my ass, I’m making the F chord my bitch.

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  1. I’m doing something similar by visiting family in Seattle. I’ve visited once a quarter from Florida since Mom died and they brought her back over 5 years ago. This visit we celebrated her 80th birthday, and when she dies, I hope not for many more years, I’ll feel sad but so much better for the good relationship we never had when I was younger. You are definitely doing the right thing to make a good bond now.

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