Even a quick trip can’t derail me…

Wasn’t the greatest of occasions, to be sure. Pam lost several relatives over the holidays in upstate New York, and last weekend was the memorial service for her uncle Howard, as well as ash spreading for a cousin, and she even sprinkled the ashes of Maggie, her old pooch, into the Oquianis River at the border of her dad’s property.

Joe and Pam

For her, it was a big family reunion. You know how it goes—weddings and funerals get folks to attend. This was no different. Good thing for her? She got to see some folks she hasn’t seen in a long, long time. If there’s a silver lining to situations like this? That’s gotta be the up side, right?

As for me, whereas trips like this often totally interfere with my frenetic work schedule, this time it did not. I was able to get some writing done for an upcoming fantasy anthology (watch for Hunt the Winterlands sometime later this year), and I also got to get through some more screenplay-related work. Usually, I travel, and my laptop is little more than dead weight around my shoulder for the duration. Not so on this jaunt.

Luckily, I’d done the heavy-lifting (writing-wise), prior to heading out of town. The revisions on my urban fantasy/thriller, The Crate, were handed in well in advance of when Russell and Adrian wanted them, so that made it much easier to fly up to NY without anything serious hanging over my head.

The film work continues. Got an update from the guys out in Los Angeles about the film look on The Bunker, the reworked opening credits montage scene with the new music (supplied by a band currently on the Metropolis Records label), and things on that front are rocking. Allowed us to take time out to drive all the way to Utica to hit Friendly’s (and give their pretzel-bun burger platter a try), and, staying in ice-cream-mode, stop in at the Tunnicliff Creamery for a damn fine milkshake after services on Sunday.


Now it’s back to work from the comfort of my office, keyboard E and T keys sticky with blood because I’ve been pounding away so hard. No exaggeration. The finger action on the board is light, nothing like my old Smith Corona business typewriter, but when you’ve been clawing your way across the keys like a derelict Jerry Lee Lewis having a seizure…it happens. As do all good things, when you keep working, keep focused, and keep plugging away. Ahh, work ethic. Something you don’t need to rely on your mom for. 🙂

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