Digging Kindle, and Nook is next

Been hunkered down the past couple of weeks, getting some freelance writing gigs turned in, making my editors happy by beating deadlines, that sort of thing. Now, the focus is back on my own stuff, and in a big way. Tomorrow, an actress from my short film, Redemption, will be here for a photo shoot for the cover to the next short story we’ll be uploading for the Kindle, and soon after for the Nook. Tomorrow, Pam is going to be talking to a girl we know about doing a shoot for another story, that one quite a bit longer, and for which the screenplay has already been written. This is a property of mine we had some interest in a couple of years ago, but the original actress left the business, and I’d already gotten some other projects rolling. Now, I’ve updated that screenplay and short story, which clocks in at roughly 80 pages, and we’ll have that one up for both Kindle and Nook sometime in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I’m banging away on something brand new, which I didn’t expect to be working on at all. It’s an urban legend horror story that came pretty much out of nowhere, and it’s been trying to claw its way out of my head, so I took a break from the new Whelan/Carver novel to jump on it.

Have to say, I’m digging Kindle. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Sure, there are plenty of holdouts who don’t believe e-books count as ‘real’ publishing, and I understand where they’re coming from. There are plenty of people out there writing books about their cat, fantasy novels that all read like Harry Potter or Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings trilogy, wannabe poets in the goth tradition who write like they still listen to old Cure albums on repeat and bemoan how the world is always mistreating them, and so on. There’s no question, just because you can click UPLOAD, that doesn’t mean you’re a writer, and so there’s a ton of crap out there. But I’ve been publishing for more than 23 years now, and with this new outlet, so far, so good. My books are selling, and selling well. The response has been excellent, and people keep asking for more. So…

More is coming. Much, much more. Currently, my mystery novel is still far outselling my horror anthology, but that’s fine. Dead Meat is doing about as well as I’d hoped to be doing. But the mystery…that one’s doing so much better than I expected that I shifted things around to begin working on the sequel, which I hadn’t planned on tackling until after New Year’s.

If you haven’t checked out my current Kindle offerings yet, my debut novel, Torn to Pieces, can be found at:



DEAD MEAT, which all you Walking Dead fans should dig, can be found (and sampled) here:



and WALKERS, a 38 page story from that anthology, can be grabbed here for only .99 cents if you want to give my stuff a whirl before committing to several hundred pages of it:


No title yet on the urban legend story, but check back soon for updates on that, on our titles for Nook e-readers, the all-new Chance Meeting TV pilot and more.

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