Darts? Really? Darts?

I’m no disability rights activist. I’m not the guy you’re going to see on a news show waving my fist and raging about how, just because I can’t see, I shouldn’t be prevented from driving a bus or something ridiculous like that. I’m blind. I know that means there’s stuff I can do, some stuff I can’t. I’ve done a bunch of things most folks probably wouldn’t dream the blind could do. Been skydiving. Crossed swords with a martial arts expert (you can check it out on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAt6NPzZhbk). Rode a mechanical bull (vid also up on my channel). Directed a feature film (for which I won an award). That being said, if I’d had dreams of being a commercial airline pilot? Well, okay, there’s one avenue where the ROAD CLOSED sign is most definitely up.

But I don’t stop looking for new things, especially activities to entertain myself. I’d still like to box a sighted fighter. I plan on renting a motorcycle and getting out on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I’d love to give waterskiing a shot.


Yep. Used to shoot darts with friends when I lived in New York, and the other night at Backstreets, Billy and I were talking about it. I asked him to give me the layout of the dartboard area at the bar, and started thinking. I knew how the game worked, I used to be all right at it. What could I do to make it possible for me to play? And by play, I mean play. Not just wildly toss the pointy things in the general direction of the board.

And, sitting there at the bar, I figured out a way. But I wanted to give it a try, first, before spending time coming up with a means to enable sound to assist me in finding my target. So, we took up the darts, Billy set me up on the line, and after the first few way-off-the-mark tosses, I zeroed in. Second round of three? All hit the board. Third round? Nailed my first bullseye in probably 15 years.

So, this week sometime, Billy and I are going to go, pick up a cheap practice board, and set it up in my garage. Then, we’ll go about making the thing accessible. Then, when cooling down from working out, I plan on making myself decent.

A league? Billy would like to play. So would John. The league just started a few weeks ago, but maybe next time around?

Who knows. I’m sure I was the last person Shelly wanted to see holding darts. But there I was, doing a pretty good job with only Billy and James giving me direction. If the sound device I have in mind works, though? Well, you can bet there’ll be more pics coming, especially if we form a team. We may never win a match…but we’re going to have a whole lot of fun.
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8 thoughts on “Darts? Really? Darts?”

  1. Your adventuresome spirit is awesome Joe.  I have no doubt you can do anything you put your mind into doing.  Bravo my Friend!  

    1. We can put the bar crowd sound loop from Final Cut Pro onto a CD and play it so it’ll sound just like Backstreets–just without Pete singing that, Never Even Called Me By My Name song.

  2. this is great!! I have a board you can hsve and just
    one favor? can u play at the boards by your
    regular Monday pizza table??? so the
    people that have their eyesight just lacking
    something else don’t walk in front of
    flying darts !!! haha You can do it !!!

    1. Billy says if we join the league he can only help me out so much, so he’ll bring me to the line, but it’s up to me to figure out which way to throw. Shouldn’t be much of a problem…after the first dart. 😀

  3. I always wondered to what extent other senses kick in when vision is gone. Actually, playing darts sounds easier than positioning people and things on a movie set you can’t see.

    1. Depends. I built the sets for the movie, so that part wasn’t all that tough. As for the other senses kicking in, will be testing out the audio-aide soon, but smell wasn’t worth much. Darts smelled like beer. 😀

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