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If things regarding my film, The Bunker, weren’t already going great, this is a success on a whole different plane.

Couple years back, I was ready to sign a deal to distribute The Bunker internationally. Everything was in place save for a short piece of film score. All I needed was this one cue and to be faxed the copyright paperwork, because Gary was broke and I’d offered to pay for it. What I needed, was the info. The cue titles. The running time for each. How he wanted his name to appear on the forms (I don’t know to this day if he had a middle initial), etc. Very basic stuff. If somebody’d helped him fax that stuff out, The Bunker would’ve been released, and Gary would have gotten his wish–to have scored a feature film–before his untimely death.

You’d think letting a guy use your fax machine wouldn’t have been too tough, right?

Fast forward. After I heard about Gary’s passing, I contacted a lawyer, did some digging. I was certain Gary hadn’t copyrighted the music, but best to make sure. As expected, we didn’t find anything, so I made the decision to let it go. To start from scratch. All of Gary’s music was stripped out, and I didn’t bother to contact his family about anything other than to send a note of condolence and post on his MySpace tribute page.

Decision time…again.

Lot of hard calls had to be made with The Bunker, but as it turned out, after replacing the film’s second editor and excising the troublemaker out of the project, things started turning around. In a big way.

Enter Robert Feigenblatt, pictured with yours truly. Yep, that’s The Bunker official film score CD we’re holding. And no, Sight Unseen Pictures didn’t produce it. How good is Robert’s score? How’s this for an ego-booster: the film isn’t available, won’t be until the Fall, and yet, Howlin’ Wolf Records, who specialize in releasing horror film scores (the 1989 film CYBORG is their latest), decided that they wanted to jump on this now. They heard the score and chose to do a full CD pressing even without the film to support it. How cool is that?!

Even more impressive? The initial pressing was first doubled, then quadrupled. Howlin’ Wolf was so confident, that they’re using it to help promote the CYBORG release, and that of The Cry. For a limited time, you order both CYBORG and The Cry? You get The Bunker with ‘em.

Who’s talking about The Bunker score? You name it. Intrada. Film Score Monthly. The disc is now being carried by no fewer than 5 distributors.

Folks, we’re talking film scores here. CDs are dying out, and with film score being niche-market at best even if you’re Danny Elfman, multiple outlets have seized upon the score for a film that nobody can see.

Yeah, you could say I’m feeling pretty good about the choices I’ve been making concerning my film and property since trimming the gristle off the bone.

For a while, you can get The Bunker score (signed upon request by Robert and myself—no extra charge), along with my horror anthology, Stuff Outa My Head (illus. by frequent Stephen King collaborator Bernie Wrightson), for only $12 bucks. Click here to be taken to the online store:

Joe and Robert, the Bunker

And no worries if you’re already a proud owner of Stuff, you can snag the CD solo as well. Soon, we’ll also be making available a version for download but for now? Robert and I are old school. We wanted good ol’ fashioned hard copy. If that’s your bag? Here’s your chance, until we run out.
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