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Regulars have probably noticed we’ve put off new INSIDER episodes, largely because it’s been too damn hectic to shoot any. Things got really busy after the Gasparilla film festival, I’m getting neck-deep in a new video project, and have had two freelance gigs to turn in this month, as well as doing some editorial work for a tech blog.

Well, we’ve got a new guy training on the Panasonic, Pam’s been learning some tricks in Final Cut, the heads I designed for my new light stands are done, and best of all…

A new sponsor’s on board. Brooklyn Brew, an apparel company out of—you guessed it—Brooklyn, NY, is behind us and we’ll be hyping their products in kind as we move forward. Speaking of which, here’s a shot of me sporting a Brooklyn Brew tee at Backstreets, my local gin mill (though not being a gin man, I’m doing a shot of amaretto).

Joe Monks Brooklyn Brew

This was taken last week, in between DVS sets (my fave local band), while celebrating the upcoming release of The Bunker movie score on CD. Check out all the fashionable offerings over at:

Next INSIDER will be up soon. Maybe not as soon as I’d like, it’s Pam’s birthday and my parents’ anniversary (47 years!) this week, so lotsa stuff going on, but by next week we should be putting together the next one.

‘Til next time…
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