And the beat goes on…

Ahh, gotta love a little Love & Rockets reference, eh?

Had lunch with Robert, my composer today, where we finished filling out The Bunker cue sheet to file with BMI/ASCAP, since the official release of the score on CD is right around the corner. (2-3 weeks, tops, he’s been told.) So, we celebrated over Diet Cokes at 5 Guys, got the paperwork out of the way, and talked about my next project, which he’s going to score. At the moment, he’s working on a feature-length documentary. I haven’t heard anything from that yet, but as soon as he gets deeper into the project, I expect to have some new instrumental stuff to play in the background while I work.

The Bunker Soundtrack

If you’re interested in original film scores, especially for horror flicks, then click on the image to check out The Bunker, and prowl around the Howlin’ Wolf Records site for a whole bunch of others you may want to pick up. At present, The Bunker score is being offered free in a package deal, but that isn’t going to last for long. Pay our friends over at Howlin’ Wolf a visit, check out the sample clips, and let ‘em know what you think.
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