A blog? Today? Really?

Doc said, straight up, I might wanna take the day off. But, since I needed to start bending my finger anyway, if I wanted to try and type without doing too much with the finger she operated on, I could try.

And so I have. True, I’m making more typos than I can remember since I started teaching myself how to type again in the weeks following me losing my eyesight. But thankfully, there’s spellcheck, and, you’re a pretty forgiving bunch.

Here’s a post-op pic, taken about 40 minutes after surgery.

Finger’s swelled up some more since, and the numbing agent’s worn off, so that’s rather unpleasant, but it isn’t stopping me, just slowing me down a little. Been doing some editing on one of the short stories that I plan on using for the zombie anthology (yep, that’s looking like a lock), and while work’s been a little slow, it sure beats laying in bed, not staring at the ceiling, trying to catch up on some shuteye. Because, frankly, I don’t like things getting in my way. Not people, not technical problems, not outside distractions.

Not even hand surgery.
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