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The giveaway promotion for my novel, Torn to Pieces, ended yesterday, and couldn’t have gone better. We did nearly 2,000 downloads, and generated a lot of feedback, largely through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. The kind comments have kept coming as people dig into the book, and it’s my sincere hope that folks who got a free copy will remember to return to Amazon and post a rating/review, no matter if they liked the book or not. This is the key part for guys like me, indie authors looking to find our niche and grow our fan base—without the budget mainstream publishers have to hawk the latest James Patterson effort. So far, so good, but I would remind you, if you dropped in over the past couple of days and grabbed a copy, let your fellow readers know what you think of the book when you’re done.

Torn to Pieces by Joseph M. MonksThe price has gone back to (what I consider) the reasonable price of $2.99, so if you missed out on the giveaway but still want something good to read (at least, according to a couple of magazine editors and reader-reviewers), click on the book cover and it’ll take you right where you need to be.

And, finally, if you are one of the nearly two thousand who now have the book on your Kindle and you’ve begun to read it, it’d be greatly appreciated if you’d share the link out on Facebook, Twitter, with your online reading groups, etc. SHARE and LIKE are a big help when you’re an indie trying to make a mark, and I’m hoping that the book’s good enough for you to want to get in on that action, so spread this around at will:


Thanks again, folks. I’ve said it before, and I haven’t changed my mind. I’ve had the best fans possible throughout my career, going all the way back to the comic book days, and I firmly believe there’ll be a lot more of you as I continue to do the e-book thing and release new titles. Next up will be WALKERS, my zombie anthology, in mid-October, so keep coming back for updates on that bad boy. ‘Til next time…

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